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Building Elk Pointe Cabin

Elk Pointe Cabin recently completed construction in spring 2021. Most new construction homes these days are not log homes, so we’ve had many visitors ask how Elk Pointe Cabin was built, and about the types of wood or materials used in the process. We love the cabin, and love sharing it with guests who also appreciate the craftsmanship. So, we have put together this blog to share the story on who built it, how it was built, and how we chose the cabin name. 

The Builder 

First, we’d like share a little about the builder. We are lucky enough to have Griffin Log Homes build Elk Pointe Cabin. They have been in business since 1977 and have built many log homes around Van Buren, Poplar Bluff and Southeast Missouri. They have built everything from one bedroom river cabins to luxury home estates. They stay very busy and are constantly booked up with clients who seek them out for their quality craftsmanship. Every client knows it’s worth the wait to get their dream log home! 

There’s several features that Griffin Log Homes uses on their builds to make it possible to “spot” a Griffin Log home as you explore Van Buren. As explained later in the blog, they have their own mill so all their exterior beams are identical is the most common way spot one of their homes. It’s also common for them to use open cross beams with black brackets and deck railings with black brackets and rods. Their interior finishing work is the same in all homes making it possible to know that it’s a c. We always think it’s fine to tour how other homeowners have finished out their bills and done their layouts. Each one is similar in the style, but everyone is unique in the layout and the finishes. 

The company was started by Jack Griffin who is still very involved with the company, but it’s now in it’s second generation with his two sons taking over the construction crews. They are all really nice people and trustworthy contractors, who are easy to work with. 

The Construction 

The exterior for walls of the cabin are whole logs that come from the North East around Maine??. They are eastern white Pines which are known for being straight and true, and are not as sappy as many of the pine trees that are in the Midwest. After the logs make their journey to Van Buren, Griffin log homes mills each log to create the desired shape. The exterior of each beam is rounded to give it a classic log home look, while the interior is flat to look like traditional pine car siding. In the middle of the logs, there are tongue and grooves on top and bottom that help the log stack straight up. You can see how they fit together at the four corners of the house. 

The interior of the house was framed with regular two by fours. The interior of the house is covered with white pine car siding. 

The cabinets are knotty red oak in a shaker cabinet style with a medium tone stain. They were custom built for Elk Pointe Cabin by in Poplar Bluff, MO. 

We’ve also had questions about the type of flooring that we used throughout the home. The flooring is called Atroguard and is extremely durable and waterproof flooring. Ours is called “Mountain Lodge” which complements the rustic log home esthetic. 

Most of the lighting is from Lowe’s or menards. The master bathroom walk-in shower tile is from Menards. The master bathroom soaker tub is from 

The Cabin Name 

We decided to call it Elk Pointe Cabin, because it’s at the entrance to the Elk Pointe development, a private wooded development by Griffin Log Homes. At the time of this blog, there are 10 properties for sale – ranging from 3 to 3.5 acres each.  All of them will be log homes custom built by their company! If you love staying at our cabin, you could buy your own 3 acre property in the woods to build your own log home! 

We also named it after the elk that will hopefully repopulate the area. There is an effort by the Missouri Department of Conservation to repopulate the area with elk. Most are within Peck Conservation Ranch, a 22,000 acre park. It’s x mile drive to the park. But they have also been seeing outside the park. People have seen elk along the Current River. We hope to see an elk along the river one day too!

If you have any other questions about the cabin or materials used to build it, feel free to email us at elkpointecabin@gmail.com

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